A day in the life of a drag queen with Astala Vista from NJ

Happy Pride Month! In honor of Pride Month, we chatted with Astala Vista, a New Jersey Drag Queen on PopCrush on 94.5 PST!

Astala Vista is known for her love of cats, which can be seen in her cat-themed costumes, makeup, as well as two cat-themed songs on iTunes, which earned her the title of “The Crazy. Cat Lady “. When not in Drag, Astala is a dressmaker and sews and embellishes all of her own costumes and styles her own wigs.

During our conversation, we discussed what everyday life in Astala Vista is like. In addition to performing, Astala says a lot of people don’t realize that she’s doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes.

“So I style the hair, I sew the costumes, a lot of what I do is kind of, quote after quote, boring,” says Astala. “The fun stuff doesn’t come out until you see it all together. On stage. That’s where you get the fun, the dancing, the music, and you can really see Astala Vista thrive.

Putting on these shows is the biggest positive for Astala. She explains that “we can do these shows in small towns that don’t have too much LGBTQ + representation, so I like to hear after shows people say that they had nothing when they were growing up and now there is has a Drag show in their town, and it gives them hope.

When it comes to people growing up in small towns, we asked Astala Vista what advice she would give to someone growing up in a small community who wants to continue dragging.

Astala wants these people to know that “you can do whatever you want because I was that little town kid who wanted this representation and little by little you just have to build it.” She says there is no “easy way”, you have to make progress by constantly going to places and bars, and working to get LGBTQ + representation in your city.

When it comes to an Astala Vista show, she explains that there are a variety of themes one can expect from her shows. From Harry Potter to cartoons to the ’80s, she does it all. Astala gives every member of the audience their fill of whimsy at every show.

Find Astala Vista on Instagram: @itsastalavista

Check out their website here!

If you are looking to see an Astala Vista Drag Show, click here!

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