City of Hattiesburg paved the 100th mile of road

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) – The city of Hattiesburg hit a major milestone Monday morning for its roads, opening the 100th mile under the Barker administration on Dewey Street.

Mayor Toby Barker says addressing paving needs has been a priority for his administration and the city council.

Barker says that with the ability to secure large grants and use the tax to cover roads, the city was able to prioritize paving improvements in each neighborhood.

“Reaching 100 miles is a big milestone for us and shows our fiscal discipline with our general funds,” Barker said. “In the future, I hope we will take a more holistic view of our roads and infrastructure.

“Often you see a road and think it needs to be paved, but often there are issues underneath, whether it’s a drainage breakdown or a sewer line that needs to be placed or replaced or maybe just to replace the water meter service line.”

The roads paved each year come from staff recommendations, community feedback and requests from council members.

“We’re going to try to take a bigger picture as we go and hopefully these roads will last longer and we won’t have to pave them for quite a while,” Barker said.

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