Dosunmu amazes in 2021 NBA Summer League

Skeptical? Understood. Importance? In place. Sufficiency? At a tee. Durability? In the works. The Chicago Bulls picked up an electrifying soaring eagle in University of Illinois playmaker Ayo Dosunmu.

This All-American has won virtually every accolade in the book, and that consistency will continue; no doubt about it. He can find quick and quick ways to maneuver, smash, and get around a brick wall in terms of sheer, endless, high-end productivity on a stats sheet.

This talented product is off the charts and will ignite this Bulls franchise in a short time this 2021-2022 season. These Illini basketball fans won’t have to travel far to find their former local floor general. The Bulls have an eye-catching one about this young man, originally from Chicago, who will continue to stimulate and elevate the popularity of basketball in the Windy City.

The 2021 NBA Summer League was a real success and brought a lot of energy and ambition back to our action-packed basketball fans. The Bulls played well and ended up with a 2-3 record. Dosunmu made his debut in five games for the Bulls, a presentable game that surely opened my eyes and drew attention to head coach Billy Donovan and the entire organization.

Chicago Bulls see promise from rookie Ayo Dosunmu in Summer League

Now let’s see how Dosunmu plays the game, what he does on the pitch, and how his natural IQ takes him to the clouds and the sun in an instant.

Name: Ayo Dosunmu

Preliminary selection: n ° 38

Team: Chicago Bulls

College: University of Illinois

Position: playmaker, shooting guard

Height: 6 feet 5 inches

2021 NBA Summer League angle:

There is no ifs and buts for this guy to be ready to face the NBA with ultimate respect on every level. Coming from the Big Ten, he built himself a power against the national elite, proving his worth as a true playmaker. His overall versatility and impact in making games with incredible identification skills make him a real hit. true glory.

Analysis of the 2021 NBA Summer League:

Calm, cool and collected host. Athletic and talented ready for the NBA. Could lead this Bulls team now to a playoff spot. This type of basketball IQ can take this Bulls team to a whole new level. He is very agile and gifted laterally. And he has a sheer shot on the three-and-half jumper, a smooth grip with the ability to finish at the edge with both hands, and has a good height at 6-foot-5.

Dosunmu Summer League statistics (across 5 games):

Points: 12.6

Rebounds: 4.4

Assists: 1.6

Flights: 1.2

Minutes: 26.1

The Bulls got a good production from Dosunmu during the Summer League. And the next stop for Dosunmu and the Bulls after the Summer League roster ends in Las Vegas is the start of training camp on September 28. Next, the Bulls are set to open the preseason roster on October 5 at home at United Center against divisional foe Cleveland Cavaliers.

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