Feared a Scottish dog was ‘electrocuted’ by an underground fault while walking on the sidewalk

A couple said they had to take their dog to the vet after being “electrocuted by a sidewalk in the street”.

George and Janice Brownie were walking Coby in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire on Sunday morning when he started screaming in pain.

The couple were walking around the market square when the incident happened.

They ended up detaining three-year-old Coby for fear he had broken his leg.

But he was in so much pain that he then started biting Janice’s arms.

Janice and George Brownie

The couple, both 59, quickly rushed their beloved pooch to the vet, fearing he had suffered a seizure.

However, police later evacuated the area on the same street later that day after other residents claimed their dogs were electrocuted on the same sidewalk.

Aberdeenshire Council has canceled the lighting of Stonehaven Christmas lights over concerns over underground electricity.

Speaking today, George and Janice’s daughter Becky said: ‘My parents thought he broke his leg so they were trying to hold him down to keep him from moving without realizing that he was electrocuted by the sidewalk, so he ended up biting their entire arms.

“When they released him he left the place on the sidewalk. People gathered around them to help them. Someone took my mom and Coby to the vet.

“At the vet, they discovered that one of his eyes was not responding as it should, so they thought it could be a seizure.

“When the guy who took them to the vet said his dog yelled at that exact spot.

“Police spoke to my mom and said there were electrical faults, which the vet said would explain why her eye, which was closest to the sidewalk, wasn’t responding properly.

“Coby is doing perfectly well now, luckily. “

Scottish Police were told dogs had been injured in the area, but did not have details on the number or whether they needed further treatment.

The force said: “Officers were called to Market Square in Stonehaven at around 12:20 p.m. on Sunday, November 28, over concerns about the area’s power grid.

“The area was evacuated as a precaution for a period and no one was injured.

“The electric company has been made aware of the fault.”

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