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Virtual reality is poised to become a central part of the Vernus International School curriculum as the school enters second year with a strong community of parents in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Vernus International School continues to create exciting new ways to apply the rigors of the American curriculum. This year, children will be immersed in virtual reality experiences, as the school has developed guides for teachers, aligned with the California curriculum. Vernus recognizes that in today’s world, children need a variety of skills and dispositions to be successful in future employment, in higher education, and to be positive and active members of society.

Virtual reality allows teachers to immerse their students in immersive experiences of the natural world. In a single virtual reality experience, students can visit Petra and experience a UNESCO World Heritage site. Children can also see where the Nabataeans lived around the 6th century BC. This strategy is designed to get students to formulate questions instead of answering them. This will promote lateral thinking and curiosity. The school has already taken a project-based learning approach to the program, and virtual reality experiences will complement the popular approach.

Teacher guides are separated into sensory and learning experiences so children develop a range of critical thinking and reading skills, and most importantly, have fun.

Commenting on the school’s popularity as the second year approaches, Founding Principal Heath Bailey said: “We are excited about the new school year and the program experiences the children will get. Virtual reality allows children to be immersed in memorable experiences and bring the program to life. We have aligned these experiences with the California curriculum and our project-based learning approach so that there is true rigor in the curriculum and resources. This 360-degree approach to learning has proven popular with local parents, who have long sought a different kind of education focused on life skills, creativity and true innovation through project-based learning. .

The Vernus Passport captures the foundational pillars of literacy, learning and life skills, mapped to California State standards, imbued with project-based learning, and enriched with dimensions that empower children to develop strong character traits. This model underpins everything the school does, from curriculum, assessment, teaching and learning.

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Dangerous reverse currents cause drowning and numerous rescues along the Jersey coast Sat, 18 Sep 2021 23:08:51 +0000

Dangerous rip currents on Saturday drowned at least one swimmer and left more than a dozen others in distress on beaches along the New Jersey coast, authorities said.

Hot temperatures combined with fewer lifeguards during the waning summer season have created dangerous conditions.

The remnants of Tropical Storm Odette, which spread off the Atlantic coast, caused raging waves, leading officials in some coastal towns to warn beachgoers to stay on the sand. Some beaches were eventually closed.

A swimmer, a 54-year-old man, was spotted by a pair of surfers off Brick Beach around 12:30 p.m., local authorities said. Surfers were able to keep the man’s head above the water until local police, firefighters and members of the US Coast Guard arrived.

The man, whom authorities have not identified pending notification from his family, was pronounced dead at Hackensack Meridian Hospital in The Brick two hours later.

The Seaside Heights Fire Department took to Facebook to warn bathers to ‘stay outside, stay alive’, sharing a screenshot of an internal alert app showing a dozen reports of “swimmers in distress” in just a few hours.

“Our responders have been out all day doing several rescues,” Ocean County Sheriff Michael Mastronardy’s office said on Saturday in another Facebook post. “Please give them a break and stay out of the ocean this afternoon.”

Details on the total number of rescues were not immediately available.

Toms River authorities have closed the beaches, citing “unsafe” conditions. The National Weather Service Mount Holly Station earlier warned of the risk of reverse currents, powerful, swift water channels that can suck swimmers further out to sea.

“Going into surfing is strongly discouraged! ” office wrote on Twitter Saturday morning.

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Reviews | Joe Manchin got the ballot bill he wanted. It’s time to pass it. Sat, 18 Sep 2021 18:58:11 +0000

Far too many Republicans are the actors in a cynical pantomime: They say the new voting restrictions enacted across the country are designed only to thwart widespread voter fraud, when in reality there is no such thing as widespread fraud and that the purpose of the new restrictions is to frustrate and disadvantage voters who lean for Democrats, especially minority voters, young people, and low-income voters.

Are the Democrats going to do something about it? We will find out soon.

Republicans in Congress have repeatedly rejected measures to make voting fairer, more accessible and more secure. State after state, the party has spent this year pushing through laws that tighten access to ballots – at least for some groups – and make the system more vulnerable to partisan interference.

This anti-democratic (and anti-democratic) agenda started before President Donald Trump, but it has supercharged it. Now the former president and his supporters – who tried unsuccessfully to overturn the last election by lying about fraud and trying to force state officials and Congress to overturn electoral votes – have continued their crusade against democracy at national and local levels. In the recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, Republicans began circulating false allegations of fraud long before the votes were counted. “Does anyone really believe that the California recall election is not rigged?” Mr. Trump indicted Monday, the day before election day. Urging voters to beware of the system and reject the result if they don’t like it has become standard operating procedure for the GOP

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats introduced a reform bill to curb the madness. The Freedom to Vote Act, introduced by Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, would correct long-standing flaws in the electoral system as well as some of the Republicans’ recent machinations. It is a sort of compromise proposal, developed by a coalition of moderates and progressives after a more radical reform bill, the For the People Act, was blocked. in June by a Republican filibuster. This lean package throws away some of the more controversial elements of the previous plan. This would not, for example, restructure the Federal Election Commission or mandate the use of non-partisan commissions for the redistribution of Congress. It is nonetheless an ambitious and urgent fix to the Republicans’ continued assault on the franchise.