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Earlier in the week, Mr Hasni said he had to be careful and sensitive regarding the stability of the Johor state government as the state assembly has a narrow majority.

He added that the stability of the Johor state government was a prerequisite for some investors and companies to expand their operations in the southern state.

Mr Hasni said: “I said that on the need to hold Johor state elections, I cannot reject it. I have to do some research and look at the matter closely. The voices of different parties cannot fall on deaf ears.

The recent disappearance of Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) Party member and Kempas Assembly member Osman Sapian had raised talk of an impending state election.

Bersatu was one of the key elements governing the Johor state government, alongside the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

His death means the ruling coalition now holds a narrow one-seat majority, with 28 of the total 56 seats.

The opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan (PH), made up of the Democratic Action Party (DAP), the Amanah Negara Party (Amanah) and the Keadilan Rakyat Party (PKR), has 27 seats.

The government of Johor is made up of 16 deputies from the BN and 12 from the Perikatan Nasional.

In December, Johor state assembly speaker Suhaizan Kaiat told the Malay Mail that a by-election for the Kempas state seat would not be called following Mr Osman’s death.

He explained that the seat became vacant more than three years after the incumbent was elected in the 14th general election (GE14) in May 2018, so a by-election is not necessary.

However, some UMNO quarters called for disbanding the state assembly and holding state elections at short notice.

UMNO Johor deputy leader Nur Jazlan Mohamed told CNA last week that the Johor state government was currently in a “precarious position” given its slim one-seat majority.

“The chief minister does not have everyone’s support even though there is an agreement in place. Better to settle this by going to (state) elections and giving the mandate to the people,” he said then.

Mr. Nur Jazlan added that the time had come for UMNO to secure the support of the people, given the performance of the party in the Melaka State elections in November, where the BN led by the UMNO won 21 of 28 seats.

The opposition, meanwhile, insisted it was not the right time to call elections, due to the spread of the COVID-19 Omicron variant and parts of Johor still recovering from the floods. monsoon.

Johor DAP President Liew Chin Tong told CNA that the pressure to call for elections likely came from UMNO members aligned with former Prime Minister Najib Razak.

“The Najib Razak-aligned UMNO faction is pushing for a snap poll in Johor to destabilize Ismail Sabri’s government and trigger a national-level snap poll, which Najib believes would benefit him and his faction,” Mr. Liew said.

Limitless Wrestling Presents Cut Loose (01/22/22) Fri, 21 Jan 2022 17:00:16 +0000

Unlimited wrestling starts 2022 with Cut in bulk, a huge spectacle featuring multiple matches for the first time. While it doesn’t seem like it’s possible for Limitless to top the year they’ve had in 2021, they already seem to want to do just that!

Cut Loose presented by Limitless Wrestling – Full Card

JD Drake’s Open Star Maker Challenge

JD Drake complained that seemingly everyone who faces him is moving on to bigger and better things, so he issued an open challenge for this show in hopes of making Limitless Wrestling’s next star. There are apparently a number of options as to who could come out and take on this challenge. Davienne does not have a match scheduled, so she could resume their match from Chaotic fight. Same Jay Freddie could follow Drake to Maine and bring about a rematch of GRIND Professional Wrestling the day before here. Brad Cashew would be a great opponent for JD Drake, but the element of surprise in this one is only the start of a quality game. Highlight channing thomas and watch the money come in.

Ricky smokes dirty dango

Ricky Smokes (with Ava Everett) vs. Dirty Dango

Ava Everett was candid about the fact that dirty dango is no longer the same as it once was and under the power of ARTE, Ricky smokes will attempt to make Dango the wrestler he once was. It should be a great match inside the ring, but the story it will tell, maybe seeing Dango eventually join ARTE if they get him, makes it even more intriguing.

Rip Byson Slade

Rip Byson vs. Slade

Not so long ago, at the end of 2021, Slade had an amazing hardcore match with Masha Slamovich at Uncharted territory and this match with Rip Byson could be similar in that it can be violent without weapons to the death, just allowing the two to face off in close combat. Byson is one of the toughest and hardest hitting wrestlers today. Slade just can’t seem to feel pain. It’s going to be like a brick wall hitting another brick wall. The sheer will of someone to give a thumbs up and take a fall here seems unlikely, but it makes the match unmissable.

No limit foursome match

Blanco Loco vs. Kevin Blackwood vs. Nolo Kitano vs. Anthony Greene

Although these four wrestlers have something to prove, maybe Anthony Greene has the most since losing the World No Limit Wrestling Championship. This match could be a great fit for a young wrestler like White Loco Where Nolo Kitano make a name for themselves by winning a victory. At the same time, a victory for Kevin Blackwood could earn him a title shot. It might look like a quadrangle on paper, but there’s so much more at play here.

MSP Bear Country Limitless Wrestling Loose

MSP vs. Bear Country

MSP have established themselves as one of the best tag teams on the scene today and yet every place MSP has been in recent years, bear country also seems to have been. There might be a bit of tension here as Bear Country can currently be seen (sometimes) in All Elite Wrestling while MSP has yet to reach television at this level, although they rightly should. It’s going to be explosive.

B3CCA Hyan

B3CCA vs. Hyan

It seems that no matter where B3CCA going these days, high quality opponents are lined up to try and secure that win. Hyan is one of the best wrestlers out there and while she might be overlooked, you can expect both of these wrestlers to make a statement with this match.

Charles Mason Big Beef

Dog Collar Match: Big Beef vs. Charles Mason

With the inclusion of The Big Ox dog in this story, it seems only fitting that this feud continues (and possibly ends) with a dog collar match. Charles Mason is a very evil man, but Big Beef is not someone any other wrestler should want to end up chained to if they value their health and well-being. This will be the type of fight that, win or lose, neither man will come out the same.

Unlimited Bulk Wrestling

World Unlimited Wrestling Championship: Alec Price (c) vs. Ace Romero

After winning the World Unlimited Wrestling Championship, Alec Price was attacked by JT Dunn and As Romero. While it was originally going to be a tag team match with Price teaming with Anthony Greene and Romero teaming with Dunn, Dunn decided he’d rather wrestle somewhere else (he’s scared); it became the head-to-head title match that it is now. While Romero is quite impressive, one has to wonder whether or not he can defeat Price without Dunn’s help. This will be a real test for Alec Price and Ace Romero and should be a fantastic match to start the year at Limitless Wrestling.

Cut Loose presented by Limitless Wrestling will take place on January 22nd, live from Yarmouth, Maine! Tickets and more information can be found here.

Stay tuned for the latest word on pro wrestling for more on this and other stories from the wrestling world as they develop. You can always count on LWOPW to keep you up to date on top wrestling news, as well as providing you with analysis, insights, videos, interviews and op-eds on the wrestling world. You can catch Limitless Wrestling on IWTV.

Kodak Black’s Florida trespassing case dismissed by prosecutors Thu, 20 Jan 2022 23:49:13 +0000

Florida prosecutors have dismissed a trespassing charge against Kodak Black after the “Zeze” rapper was arrested at the Golden Acres public housing estate in his hometown of Pompano Beach on New Year’s Day.

Broward County prosecutors made the decision to dismiss the case Wednesday, Kodak attorney Bradford Cohen confirmed. rolling stone.

Cohen said his client, born Bill Kapri, was visiting family in Golden Acres on New Year’s Eve when he was arrested while standing by his parked Lamborghini in a driveway.

The arresting officer, a Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy, took Kapri into custody citing a ‘cease and desist’ letter housing officials issued a while ago. four months about Kapri’s personal delivery of air conditioning units to residents of the development last summer.

Cohen said Thursday that it is “basic law” that a cease and desist letter is not the same as a trespassing notice, and anyway the letter was sent to the Kapri’s label, not the rapper himself.

Beyond that, Kapri was invited to the property by a resident, and “a landlord cannot encroach on you if you are invited by the person paying the rent,” the attorney said.

Before Kapri could post bail and secure his release, his Lamborghini was towed away, with its contents detailed.

“I think they made the arrest so they could search him and his vehicle that was legally parked and try to find something that was a higher charge than trespassing,” Cohen said. rolling stone. “I think it was embarrassing that they ended up arresting him for trespassing, and the case was never closed because there was no probable reason to make the arrest.”

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.

Kapri, 24, was about halfway through a three-year federal prison sentence for falsifying documents used to purchase guns from a Miami gun store when President Donald Trump commuted the sentence the last day of his term in 2021.

The pardon, endorsed by Gucci Mane, Lil Pump and Lil Yachty, highlighted Kodak’s philanthropic efforts, including the regular distribution of school supplies and food to Florida residents in need.

The multi-platinum entertainer was sentenced to probation in April for the assault of a teenage girl at a South Carolina hotel in February 2016, when he was 18.

Bill proposes reform of high-interest payday loans in Kansas Thu, 20 Jan 2022 19:24:27 +0000

TOPEKA, (KSNT) – Kansans who pay high interest rates for payday loans could see some changes with a new bill that is being introduced.

Reverend Annie Ricker, who leads the United Methodist Church in Berryton, is one of many members of community activist organization Topeka Jump calling on lawmakers to push for payday loan reform this session.

“We’re looking to do what other states have done successfully, to cap the interest on these payday loans, to make them always profitable for businesses, but also to make them affordable and unworkable for the people who take them out. “, said Ricker. .

Ricker said the bill that was introduced currently rests with the state financial institutions committee, chaired by Rep. Jim Kelly, R-Independence.

The proposal would cap the interest rate, which would limit the risk of rising interest rates for the borrower and allow the lender to earn a higher return when rates are low.

It would also create an installment plan for people to repay, so they don’t have to deal with what Ricker called “crippling” debt that can take “months” to resolve. She told the Kansas Capitol Bureau that she found herself in a similar position when she first moved to Hays and was fresh out of college.

“I had no established banking history in this community, and we had a repair vehicle, and the only lender we could find to lend us money was a payday lender,” Ricker said. “We took out less than a thousand dollars, but by the time we paid off the loan, we paid over three thousand dollars. It failed us and cost us far more than necessary.

Payday loans are short-term loans that often have high interest rates and an expectation that the borrower will begin repaying the loan on their next paycheck.

Critics of the loans called them “predatory”, pointing to low-income families.

Representatives of other organizations supporting the legislation, such as Rabbi Moti Rieber of Kansas Interfaith Action, KIFA, said the loans put already economically disadvantaged people “further behind”.

“It takes money out of the pockets of the hard-working poor,” Rieber said.

Ricker hopes lawmakers will act soon and debate it this year to help others in his congregations who are also struggling to repay those loans.

City street construction schedules, updates available on new “Paving Jackson” site Thu, 20 Jan 2022 15:18:00 +0000

JACKSON, MI – Residents of Jackson can now see the city’s progress in “fixing the roads.”

The City of Jackson has created a section on his website called “Paving Jackson”, which is designed to inform residents about construction projects. The page includes breakdowns of street projects over the past 20 years, as well as projects that will take place at a future date, city spokesman Aaron Dimick said.

“We just wanted to have a place where residents can learn what we’re doing with the roads and what they can expect,” he said.

In this new section, residents can also find a calendar indicating when projects will begin on their streets.

If residents think their road should be a priority, the “Paving Jackson” section also tells them how to see if a street is slated for construction in the next few years, or how to get a petition from the city to get their street on the program if it is not already there.

Residents can also view the progress of the city’s four-inch watermain replacement project, which begins in 2022, Dimick said. Once the main pipes are replaced, residents will benefit from improved water quality and pressure, he said.

“We just want to let the community know that we hear complaints about the roads and we’re putting all the resources we can into it,” Dimick said.

Since 2012, more than 21 miles of streets in Jackson have been resurfaced, officials said, adding that road spending has also increased by 152.7%.

Jackson uses street, water and sewer funds, which come from tax revenue, to pay for infrastructure projects. Special assessments, as well as state and federal funds, are also being used for project costs, officials said. About $105 million in municipal funds have gone toward dozens of projects over the past nine years, officials said.

More construction projects are on the horizon as the city steps up efforts to replace lead water pipes. Line replacements will also result in major repairs to streets, sidewalks and curbs, officials said.

Related: Updates on Lead Water Main Replacements Available for Jackson Residents

Once construction projects are planned for 2022, they will be listed in the Paving Jackson section. It can be found under the “Our Services” tab on the city’s website or by searching

More from the Jackson Citizen Patriot:

Brooklyn pastor killed in crash remembered as ‘wonderful person’ by friends and flock

$60,000 grant will fund literacy program and set up kiosks at Jackson libraries

New coach, same Titan hockey at Lumen Christi

Superintendent’s goals, compensation disputed by Jackson school board member

Jackson County state representative plans to run in new legislative district

Topeka JUMP Holds Rally Against Payday Loans Wed, 19 Jan 2022 21:50:00 +0000

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – With payday lenders able to charge up to 391% interest in the Sunflower State, community leaders have called on Kansas lawmakers to change.

Topeka JUMP says community members from local and state organizations came together to demand reform of payday lending practices across the Sunflower State on Wednesday, January 19.

Kansans for Payday Loan Reform organized the rally to call the community and the Kansas Legislature to action.

“Predatory lending puts people who are already economically disadvantaged even further away,” said Rabbi Moti Rieber of Kansas Interfaith Action. “It takes money out of the pockets of the hard-working poor.”

KIFA joined the coalition because members wanted to ensure borrowers are protected from outrageous lending practices that charge up to 391% interest and fees in the state of Kansas.

Elizabeth Lewis, director of maternal and child initiatives for March of Dimes, said her organization was concerned about the burden that poverty places on mothers, babies and families. She said the MOD’s national strategic plan aims to disrupt economic insecurity across the lifespan, which negatively impacts the financial well-being of families and contributes to the abuse of mothers and babies.

“These types of short-term loans are linked to people of color, people living in poverty, and single-parent families in need of money for food and medical expenses,” Lewis said. “There is scientific evidence that increased stress can contribute to low birth weight, malnutrition and other health issues like high blood pressure, obesity and shorter life expectancy.”

Currently, JUMP said payday lenders are allowed to charge Kansans up to 391% interest. He said borrowers can borrow up to $500, but many are forced to re-borrow to save money for rent, bills, food and gas.

The gathering was held virtually with key speakers and stakeholders gathered at Grace Episcopal Cathedral.

To watch the rally, click HERE.

To view the coalition’s petition, click HERE.

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Democrat Voting Rights Debacle: Senate Will Filibuster Bills Wed, 19 Jan 2022 18:50:00 +0000

Sometimes there is no plan.

The big push for Democratic voting rights is headed for a brick wall in the Senate — again. To get their bill past the filibuster, they need all 50 Senate Democrats to support changing the House rules. And the senses. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) still refuse to do so.

With failure looming, accusations and doubts about the Democrats’ voting rights strategy have become commonplace. “Has there ever been such a stupid, doomed and disastrous legislative campaign from the start? a Democratic campaign professional taunted me, speaking anonymously to more freely criticize his party’s strategy.

It has become clear that the party never had a plausible plan for success in voting rights. Congressional leaders, activists and outside groups have mostly been phased in trying to unite Democrats around a sweeping legislative package, then rushed into a filibuster. The hope was, apparently, that persuasion or pressure would induce Manchin and Sinema to abolish or weaken the filibuster, even though they had repeatedly sworn they would not.

From the start, some Democrats have been quietly skeptical for both tactical and substantive reasons, as I wrote about last year. They argued that the likely impact of the bills to “save democracy” was exaggerated and that their chances of success were much lower than leaders admitted. An adviser to a prominent Democratic donor feared discussions on the subject were becoming “exercises in unreality,” according to an email obtained by Politico.

President Biden’s White House has at times appeared to side with the skeptics: He has kept his distance from the voting rights push for much of 2021, giving the occasional speech or statement but not making one. top priority over the Build Back Better Act, which seemed to have a better chance of success. But activists intensely criticized Biden for his inaction, then Build Back Better stalled, so he finally committed to the ballot campaign this month – with no effect on Manchin or Sinema.

Barring a surprise U-turn, Democrats will head into midterms after failing to pass the bills they have touted as so urgent. It’s a big mess. Of course, the failure of a strategy does not mean that there was a better option. Still, it’s natural to wonder if some roads haven’t been trodden — and if the alliance of congressional leaders and outside groups leading this effort has headed into a ditch.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks at a press conference following the Senate Democrats’ caucus meeting on voting rights and filibuster on Tuesday, Jan. 18.
Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

How the Democrats Got Here

The weirdness started early last year. Donald Trump had just made an unprecedented effort to overturn the presidential election results, leading to chaos and violence on Capitol Hill on January 6. Then, Republican-led state legislatures began enacting voting restrictions. The moment, it seemed, demanded an answer.

The Democratic leaders of Congress therefore introduced a bill: the For the People Act. It was a “mega-bill” containing dozens of proposals that good government reformers had backed for years, on topics ranging from voting accessibility standards to redistricting reform to funding for small donor campaigns. There was no hope of garnering Republican support for this bill, as it was designed as a kind of Democratic wish list and, in its initial version, did not really deal with Trump’s schemes to steal the election. .

Then there was the issue of its passage – 60 votes would be needed to pass the Senate filibuster. That could be circumvented if Democrats forced through a rule change with just a majority. But in January 2021, both Manchin and Sinema publicly pledged to maintain the filibuster.

Yet congressional Democratic leaders and their allies have gone ahead with an apparent two-part plan: first, to call the bill essential to saving democracy, and second, to pressure or persuade Manchin, Sinema and other moderates. to change the rules of the Senate, so that the bill could pass.

Some details changed over the following year. The For the People Act was replaced by a combo of two bills, the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Some provisions have been dropped and others, including some related to electoral subversion, have been added. But the basic strategy has remained the same: roll out a sweeping legislative package overhauling many aspects of elections and voting without Republican support, and hope that Manchin and Sinema hide behind the cause of stonewalling reform. systematic.

Spoiler: They didn’t.

Why did the party take this path? The Democratic campaign professional told me he observed a “lawyer versus practitioner dichotomy.” He believes the strategy for the big bill was crafted by lawyers from the party and allied nonprofit groups, such as the Brennan Center for Justice, who had high ambitions to revise the law but lacked expertise of campaign professionals on the most likely policy changes. to impact election results and lawmakers’ know-how on how to get a bill passed through Congress.

In this interpretation of events, these lawyers have come to the attention of influential donors and donor-funded activist groups. To keep those constituencies happy, congressional leaders adopted the strategy of the lawyers to push these high-profile mega-bills — and the White House, after some initial reluctance, followed suit. (Teddy Schleifer reported on the donors behind the voting rights effort to Puck News.)

Another theory floating around is that the whole effort was a bit of a sham, or at least a performance, from the perspective of Democratic leaders. In this interpretation, top Democrats knew all along that they could never get anything through because of the filibuster. So they crafted a “bill” aimed at making their interest groups and some key donors happy, but which they never thought or wanted would become law. The goal was to prove to activists and grassroots that they were “fighting” for the cause of suffrage, even though they knew they would lose.

Sen. Joe Manchin walks up an elevator en route to a Senate Democratic Caucus meeting on suffrage and filibuster on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, January 18.
Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Was there another option?

All of this might seem like an over-advised assumption. A more generous interpretation is that Democratic leaders and advocates knew the strategy’s chances of success were slim, but they thought it was worth it anyway, and they didn’t think alternative strategies would be more likely to produce results. political changes that would protect democracy.

“It is an important time for the United States Senate to debate how to protect the right to vote and fair elections at a time when our democracy is under attack from the big lie of Donald Trump and those who would encourage him,” said Michael Waldman, president of the Brennan Center. said in a statement. “We are proud to be part of an extraordinary movement for racial justice, democracy, religion, labor and other groups in this fight. It is a broad democratic movement that our country has needed for a long time. Supporters of the effort also say they have plenty of campaign professionals and experts who agree with them on the importance of fighting voter suppression restrictions.

But there can be costs to failure. On the one hand, it may amount to losing a year – Manchin and Sinema’s support for the filibuster has been clear since January 2021, after all. Former Obama White House aide Dan Pfeiffer argued in a recent Substack that insiders privately knew failure was likely, but publicly claimed otherwise, setting the stage for disillusionment among supporters. vis-à-vis the Biden presidency as a whole. “Every Democrat — myself included — has done a miserable job of managing expectations and leveling up with our most loyal activists, volunteers, and donors,” Pfeiffer wrote.

Biden initially tried to manage expectations by prioritizing other issues. But that has led to another round of doubts from those who argue he should have gotten involved sooner. “When Biden fully entered the battle, the other warriors were already bloodied, bruised and exhausted,” writes Charles Blow of The New York Times.

Still, given Manchin’s drive to tank Build Back Better as well as voting rights bills, it seems unlikely that previous presidential pressures brought him and Sinema down. The president and the progressives have no influence over Manchin, who represents a deeply conservative state – indeed, they need him for everything they want to do.

Sinema is theoretically vulnerable to a left-wing primary, but she certainly isn’t acting like she believes it, and that election wouldn’t happen until 2024 anyway. For now, Biden is at their mercy, and a continued pressure on them may well backfire and make them more recalcitrant on other issues.

Another question is whether, in trying to pass their dream bill, the Democrats will have missed an opportunity to push through less sweeping but still important reforms. Washington is abuzz with news that some Republican senators want to start talks on reforming the Voter Count Act – the law Trump tried to use to get Congress and Vice President Pence to reject the victories of Biden in key states. Still, leading Democrats like Schumer have so far expressed skepticism of those efforts.

Whether a GOP reform offer is worth it depends on details, and it is possible that no agreement will be reached. But for the moment, the alternative seems to be to obtain no reform.

The unpleasant reality for Democrats is that they will only be able to pass the agenda they deem necessary if they manage to win more elections. Still, their prospects of doing so in 2022 look bleak, given Biden’s dismal approval numbers. There’s still a chance to make whatever bipartisan deals they can now and try to win more elections later. But the time of windmills is coming to an end.

BOE sees rates rise in February after latest inflation data Wed, 19 Jan 2022 08:51:00 +0000

BOE sees rates rise in February after UK inflation data

0822 GMT – Wednesday’s stronger-than-expected UK inflation data is likely to encourage the Bank of England to raise interest rates for a second consecutive meeting in February, but any further rate hikes will be gradual, according to ING. “With inflation rates set to dip in 2023 and the prospect of a severe wage-price spiral looking less likely, subsequent moves are likely to be more gradual,” said ING economist James Smith. ING expects two rate hikes this year. Data showed UK consumer prices rose 5.4% year-on-year in December – the highest since March 1992 – after rising 5.1% in November and well above the BOE’s 2% target. Economists in a WSJ survey expected a 5.2% rise. (

Companies News: 

GlaxoSmithKline appoints Tony Wood Designated CSO

GlaxoSmithKline PLC announced on Wednesday that it has appointed Tony Wood as chief scientific officer from August, replacing Hal Barron, who will become non-executive director.

Smith & Nephew buys Engage Surgical for up to $135 million

Smith & Nephew PLC announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Engage Surgical for up to $135 million, subject to sales performance.

Burberry Q3 comparable retail sales rose ahead of market views

Burberry Group PLC said on Wednesday retail revenue and same-store sales increased in the third quarter of fiscal 2022, with new customers driving double-digit full-price sales growth across all of its product categories.

Antofagasta expects higher costs in 2022; 2021 results in line with forecasts

Antofagasta PLC warned on Wednesday that its operational costs would rise this year and said production for 2021 was in line with its forecast.

Experian Chief Operating Officer Kerry Williams Retires; Craig Boundy named

Experian PLC said on Wednesday chief operating officer Kerry Williams planned to retire after 19 years with the company and would be replaced by Craig Boundy.

Wise third-quarter revenue increased 34%

Wise PLC said on Wednesday its revenue increased 34% in the third quarter of the financial year.

Pearson expects higher sales and adjusted operating profit in 2021

Pearson PLC said Wednesday it expects to report increased sales and adjusted operating profit for 2021.

JD Wetherspoon to report 1H loss due to coronavirus restrictions

JD Wetherspoon PLC said on Wednesday that sales in the second quarter of fiscal 2022 were affected by coronavirus restrictions and would be loss-making in the first half.

Christie Group sees 2021 operating profit significantly above market expectations

Christie Group PLC said on Wednesday it expects to report operating profit for 2021 significantly above current market expectations.

WH Smith says year-to-date revenue is 85% of pre-pandemic levels

WH Smith PLC said on Wednesday revenue for the 20 weeks to Saturday was at 85% of 2019 revenue levels, with its high street or brick and mortar retail business in a stronger position than its travel division due to the Covid-19 Omicron Variant.

Burberry Q3 Comparable Retail Sales Rise Ahead of Market Views – Update

Burberry Group PLC said on Wednesday retail revenue and same-store sales increased in the third quarter of fiscal 2022, with new customers driving double-digit full-price sales growth across all of its product categories over a two-year basis.

Liontrust 3Q assets under management increased

Liontrust Asset Management PLC said on Wednesday that assets under management and advice for the third quarter of financial year 2022 increased by 20% compared to the previous year.

Market Talk: 

UK annual inflation could hit 7% in April

0817 GMT – The UK’s inflation rate is expected to rise further in the coming months, to 7% in April from 5.4% in December, said UK chief economist at Capital Economics Paul Dales. Increases in producer prices have not yet fully passed through to consumer prices, and soaring energy prices could lead to higher utility bills in April, he says. An inflation rate of 7% would be higher than the 6% peak the Bank of England forecast when it raised interest rates in December, so another rate hike is expected in February, Dales said. Capital Economics expects inflation to stay above 4% all year and fall to the BoE’s 2% target in April 2023. (

Burberry’s third-quarter sales seem to back up market views

0804 GMT – Burberry’s third-quarter full retail price growth demonstrates healthy momentum and implies a high single-digit slowdown in shrink reduction, according to RBC Capital Markets. The British luxury goods company’s comparable retail sales in the third quarter were slightly better than expected, Canadian banknotes. “Overall, we expect these results to support Burberry’s current expectations, with continued progress in the full pricing channel. We do not expect to see substantial consensus earnings revisions,” RBC adds. (; @sabelaojeaguix)


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January 19, 2022 03:51 ET (08:51 GMT)

Copyright (c) 2022 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

Meet Scalex, the Startup Paving the Way for Cryptocurrency Adoption in Africa Tue, 18 Jan 2022 16:46:06 +0000
Co-founders of Scalex

Following the banning of crypto exchanges in several parts of Africa, cryptocurrency users on the continent have migrated to peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms for their input and output needs, remittances funds and other transactions. This reliance on P2P platforms is what Scalex.Africa, a high-level peer-to-peer crypto exchange was created to accelerate. Scalex provides blockchain-based solutions aimed at facilitating the secure and seamless adoption of cryptocurrencies in Africa.

Between July 2020 and June 2021, cryptocurrency adoption in Africa boosted by a huge 1200% making the continent one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency economies in the world, according to Chainalysis, a digital analytics firm. This surge in the digital asset market in Africa has developed despite the strong resistance that the cryptocurrency has encountered due to the draconian government regulations imposed on the exchange in some countries on the continent.

“Young Africans are migrating to the crypto space in droves with tons of avenues to earn money such as; play to win games like Splinterlands and Axie Infinity. We also have a growing creator space with NFT creators leading the pack as well as remote workers receiving payments in crypto,” said Scalex co-founder Emeka Nwosu.

be the Bitcoin’s second largest peer-to-peer trader Globally, Nigerians who trade in crypto conduct these and related activities on a host of platforms and peer-to-peer communities that keep popping up daily. These platforms have opened the crypto space and its users to multiple risks causing some to end up in fraudulent transactions.

Scalex was originally designed in 2020 to provide users with a safer way to transact peer-to-peer on Telegram communities. In two years since its inception, it has grown from a “chatbot” to a fully web-based peer-to-peer exchange offering access to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT while offering the flexibility to trade named tokens on Binance Smart Chain (Bep20) and Tron Networks (Trc20).

Scalex – Product Screenshots

In addition to securing transactions, the platform eliminates the bottlenecks encountered by users transacting on existing peer-to-peer platforms that were too complex and manual in their transaction mechanisms, thereby improving user experience.

“Building on our experience in the field, we have created a first peer-to-peer exchange for Africans that allows you to quickly and securely exchange your income from crypto to fiat currencies and vice versa, Scalex is the first to introduce an automated infrastructure that eliminates the need to manually confirm peer-to-peer transactions. The crypto space is getting more and more crowded and it is easy to get distracted. Our goal at Scalex is to deploy products that deliver the most value to Africans. We recently partnered with FTX Africa to offer On and Off-Ramp solutions to their users and we intend to consolidate this to generate more partnerships globally. Nwosu added.

Since launching its private beta in May 2021, which went live for public use in September of the same year, Scalex has gained over 5,000 users with over 24,000 transactions completed.

Scalex’s operations are funded by angel investors and venture capital funds, having recently accelerated from GreenHouse Capital, a leading technology accelerator in Africa. Scalex.Africa aims to expand its services across Africa, with Sub-Saharan and East African markets in sight, while deepening its product offerings to users, with a host of products currently in development.

The Scalex mobile app is set to launch this year with plans to cater to a growing audience.

The Scalex Africa team is comprised of incredible talent with deep industry experience spanning over 6 years in the blockchain ecosystem. Emeka has a major in economics with 7 years of experience in banking through e-commerce and sales in addition to an MBA from Lagos Business School alongside fellow MBA classmate and co-founder Ngati who is an experienced sales and business development strategist with experiences from leading global brands Guinness and Vlisco. James specialized in Fintech and Business Analytics and has co-founded two startups in the past; SabiFX and Foodmarket. Joel and Niyi are computer scientists and software developers who make up the team of five and are experienced in early stage startups.

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Opinion: Will lawmakers in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama tell us what’s so bad about suffrage? Tue, 18 Jan 2022 00:44:22 +0000

Martin Luther King would have been 93 on Saturday if he hadn’t been killed by a sniper’s bullet on April 23, 1968, while standing on the balcony of a motel in Memphis.

No doubt King, who in 1964 won the Nobel Peace Prize for advancing racial equality and social justice, would be shocked today to find that there is still a huge fight going on. for the right to vote and equality.

No doubt, too, he would be horrified to find that there is still the same kind of deep-seated racism in many that drove James Earl Ray to follow King’s movements, rent a room across from the Memphis motel, buy a rifle and binoculars and pressing the shutter as King stopped to tease Jesse Jackson about not being properly dressed for dinner.

How come our current members of Congress can’t figure out how to make it easier – not harder – for all of us to vote?

We are not talking about making it easier to buy a gun, to legalize marijuana, to get vaccinated or not. We are talking about facilitating the exercise of our constitutional right — no, the duty — to vote.

However, no Republican in the House of Representatives voted on August 24 for the freedom to vote: the John Lewis law.

Tell Us, Chuck Fleischmann and Scott DesJarlais, Representing Southeast Tennessee and More: What’s not to argue about online and automatic voter registration, at about allowing 14 days of early voting in each state, about uniform standards for voter ID and mail-in voting?

Explain to us Marjorie Taylor Green and Andrew Clyde of North Georgia: what’s wrong with making Election Day a federal holiday, protecting election officials from interference, about security funding election, about the federal congressional riding guidelines that are now established?

We Need to Know, Mo Brooks and Bob Aderholt, Representing Northeast Alabama: What can you find suspicious about prohibiting states from making certain voters in certain districts wait in excruciating lines to vote without drinking water?

To all of you:

What’s wrong with making it a federal crime to lie to voters about an election date or polling location?

Why shouldn’t people who have served time for crimes regain their right to vote?

Why shouldn’t we be able to register to vote the same day we vote and why shouldn’t late mail-in ballots be counted if they are postmarked on Election Day?

And why shouldn’t we bring back “preclearance” — a process in which states with a history of discriminating against voters of color must get Justice Department approval on changes to voting rules?

As King’s son, Martin Luther King III, said on Saturday, “The stakes couldn’t be higher” to protect and expand his father’s legacy by passing measures that strengthen voters’ rights.

His correct assertion comes as we await the next decision on these issues in the US Senate this week.

Last week, President Joe Biden, who served in the Senate for 36 years, pointed out in a fiery speech in Atlanta that when the Voting Rights Act expansion passed in 2006, it received a vote 390-33 in the House and 98-0 in the Senate. It required bipartisan action “with the votes of 16 Republicans currently serving in this U.S. Senate.” Now, however, these 16 stand against something as fundamental today as they were then?

Biden thundered: “I ask every elected official in America. How do you want to be remembered? … Do you want to be … on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you want to be on the Do you want to be on the side of John Lewis or Bull Connor, do you want to be on the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis?

Meanwhile, Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona said they remained opposed to changing the filibuster rules to push the legislation over the Republican brick wall.

What? As if the filibuster is a sacred thing that hasn’t been changed and altered and even flipped and flipped dozens of times before?

Guesses on how the Tennessee Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty will vote?

Just follow their tweets.

Hagerty, the guy who was the disgraced former president’s US ambassador to Japan, tweeted on Saturday:

“The Democrats are happy to use the filibuster on things the Republicans would like to see, but when it comes to their abject takeover of our election laws, they’re willing to call us any name in the book. and to destroy the Senate for doing so.”

And here’s Blackburn’s tweet from last Tuesday: “Joe Biden should be focused on fixing the crises he created last year rather than starting a new one. We all know it’s not about of voting rights.”

Oh yes. It is still this “taking power”. You may remember February 2020, when Blackburn blocked an attempt by Democratic Senator Mark Warner of Virginia to pass three election security-related bills by unanimous consent — including one that would require campaigns to call the FBI if they are offered. help from a foreign power.

She called these security bills “a federal power grab.”

The only power grab here is from Republicans and two lost Democrats who fear we can’t get elected if we can all vote and be counted in states that don’t play with our freedoms.