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A sign warns those who may have missed the “Road Closed” sign that the bridge is on Old School House Road. The stretch of road between Pinedale and Coggins Roads is closed until a cracked portion under the bridge can be replaced.

Two roads in Limestone County had to be closed for repairs this week and five more received approval last week for paving projects next year by the Limestone County Commission.

Old School House Road near Ardmore because Limestone County Second Road was closed this week after a driver reported possible problems involving a bridge, site workers said on Tuesday. Officials said an assessment of the bridge showed a crack under the road and, out of caution, District 1 Commissioner Daryl Sammet closed the road from Coggins Road to Pinedale Road.

Crew members said it could be at least a few weeks before the road is repaired and reopened. County engineer Marc Massey said the county is currently considering replacement options for the bridge.

Elsewhere in the county, District 4 Commissioner LaDon Townsend closed Chapman Hollow Road for repairs. Teams continue to work in the area, but the road was reopened on Tuesday.

bridge crack.jpg

A crack is visible in the middle of the bridge ceiling in this photo. To prevent further damage to the bridge or to any conductor using it, the Limestone County Commission closed the bridge until the damaged area was replaced and ready for operators.

Paving projects

The Limestone County Commission unanimously approved five paving projects at its August 16 meeting, each part of Rebuild Alabama. Each project includes resurfacing and traffic plotting / marking on part of the road.

The routes are as follows:

• Sandlin Road, from the city limits of Elkmont to Elkton Road, approximately 3.16 miles at a cost of $ 400,000;

• McKee Road, from Alabama 251 to Limestone Creek, approximately 2.5 miles at a cost of $ 250,000;

• Capshaw Road, from Mooresville Road to East Limestone Road, approximately 2.51 miles at a cost of $ 250,000;

• Snake Road, from Wright Road to Fielding Road, approximately 2.02 miles at a cost of $ 250,000; and

• Seven Mile Post Road, US 72 to New Cut Road, approximately 2.08 miles at a cost of $ 250,000.

Massey said Rebuild Alabama projects must be approved each August for the following fiscal year.

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