The president captures 385 HIT graduates

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Zvamaida Murwira Senior reporter

Yesterday, President Mnangagwa crowned 385 Harare Institute of Technology graduates in different disciplines as the institution positions itself to become a national and global powerhouse in innovation, science and technology.

The 385 were graduated both physically and virtually in line with the need to contain Covid-19 infections.

President Mnangagwa, who is also chancellor of state universities, crowned the 385 students which included undergraduates, postgraduates and masters of technology in strategy.

Two top graduates received the Chancellor Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa Award and walked away with US $ 1,000.

In his remarks at the 12th graduation ceremony, HIT Vice Chancellor Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe said the university has made concerted efforts to help transform the economy by providing solutions technologies and engineering adapted to the needs and challenges of various sectors.

He said that HIT has been marked by relentless efforts to stay competitive and stay relevant with extraordinary dynamism and that its trajectory has been defined by the need to have clear parameters offering technological and engineering solutions for economic transformation. .

“A deliberate and strong staff development program has been an integral part of this process. This involves continuous training and retraining of staff members to reorient them towards our mandate.

“To date, nearly 200 academic staff have graduated with master’s degrees in technology, and the University has spent at least US $ 9 million from internally generated resources to fund human capital development,” said Eng Kanhukamwe.

The institution, Eng Kanhukamwe said, had succeeded in establishing unique and responsive departments and programs, enabling it to provide the specialized skills needed for research and development, innovation, commercialization and development. industrialization for the economic transformation of this country.

“I am pleased to report that HIT has been successful in bringing its research results to market despite the various challenges we have faced in this ongoing process. Some of our schools have contributed to the successful creation of spin-off companies such as Instifoods, Instichem, Instisoft, Institronics, Instipharm which operated under the company HIT Holdings, Institech Holdings.

“The success of the products has varied across industries, but essentially they are slowly turning into income generating entities for the University,” he said.

The university had developed product and service projects that addressed issues in different sectors of the economy.

They included a grid feed optimization system, a cannabis project, the production of chrome mill balls, an electronic records management system, a nanotechnology brick-making project and a Covid-geotrace system. 19, among others. Graduates came from schools of engineering and technology, industrial science and technology, information science and technology, and business and management sciences.

Others included postgraduate degrees in medical ultrasound and dosimetry and a master’s degree in technology in strategy. The event was also attended by the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technological Development, Professor Amon Murwira, his Deputy, Raymore Machingura, Permanent Secretary, Professor Fanuel Tagwira, the Minister of State for Metropolitan Province of Harare, Oliver Chidawu, Vice Chancellors of other state universities and senior officials.

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