What if…? Episode 8 provides a glimpse into the Multiverse of Madness

Stephen Strange has become an increasingly popular Marvel hero in recent years. This is partly due to the portrayal of the wizard by Benedict Cumberbatch, but also thanks to the stunning graphics. Doctor strange provided. The Wizard’s fight sequences are unlike any other in the MCU due to the skills Doctor Strange has.

Doctor strange first appeared in the MCU in 2016 as Stephen Strange suffers a personal tragedy that will no longer allow him to perform surgeries. Frustrated by his limited progress, he finds himself in a world beyond his conception with a whole new identity. Now a master of the mystical arts, Strange faces off against great and formidable forces that seem almost impossible to beat. Strange is ultimately forced to join forces with the Avengers once a threat greater than them threatens to wipe out half the world.

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With a title like Master of the Mystic Arts and a group of heroes who rely on witchcraft as a big part of their defense, Doctor strange films necessarily involve a lot of innovative visuals. Strange’s possession of the Time Stone helps amplify the beauty of every fight sequence he’s involved in, as the time-moving people literally slide objects across the screen. The sequel to come, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Surely will incorporate more complex fights in which Strange is still finished, as he will be forced to venture through the multiverse and all that it contains. While there have been snippets of the multiverse in recent Marvel creations (especially the TV series), And if eighth episode gives the best insight into what the multiverse of madness may have in store.

Stephen Strange and Mordo in Doctor Strange

Doctor strange movies aren’t used to drifting through settings with the snap of a finger, but with the multiverse being so complex, there will be room for Strange to show off skills no one has seen of him yet. In And if eighth episode, “What if … Ultron wins?” Ultron doesn’t just destroy the universe he already knows. Sensing something beyond his universe, Ultron becomes obsessed with locating the Observer, who has guided each episode of What if…? Eventually, Ultron manages to find him and the two engage in a battle that draws them through the multiverse. The pair crash through various universes at the drop of a hat, offering a glimpse into what the multiverse of madness battles can look like on a visual level.

Doctor strange presented many impressive battles, but one of the most notable is the battle between Doctor Strange and Mordo against Kaecilius. Enemies chase each other through the streets of New York, literally bending reality to their advantage. Visually, it is difficult to understand everything that is going on. With buildings and roads dividing, rotating and multiplying, it almost feels like the audience is watching the eerie battle in a kaleidoscope. A less mind-blowing (albeit just as visually stunning) fight happens on Titan between Thanos and Strange in Infinity war. Strange and Thanos exchange enchanted blows as Strange tries to restrain Thanos without using the power of the Time Stone. While the Watcher and Ultron don’t start modifying the world around them to win a fight, that doesn’t mean Strange isn’t able to do so in the multiverse of madness. In fact, it gives Strange more resources to use to his advantage.

WandaVision and Loki both played a vital role in establishing the multiverse of madness and they will have their own tips to contribute. WandaVision was built from Wanda’s own ability to alter reality, allowing her to bring an entire city and its people under her control. Now that Wanda has officially become the Scarlet Witch, the difference in character means that she will start to behave differently in battle. Glimpses of this have already been seen in WandaVision, as Wanda expanded her knowledge of her magic with Agatha’s help. This new knowledge was the reason Wanda was able to defeat Agatha in the series finale. If her reality-altering tendencies continue, Wanda will be a hard-to-reach person for Doctor Strange. As the post-credits scene showed Wanda was already relying on her understanding of her magic (by reading a book that once belonged to Agatha), the grieving witch will be a much greater threat in the game. Doctor strange following.

Loki It may not have shown any senseless alterations to reality, but it did introduce a string (and their variations) that will make the multiversal battle incredibly difficult to overcome. With the additional problems, it seems Spider-Man: No Path Home is about to be part of the mix, the multiverse becomes more and more complicated and dangerous with each Marvel project. Strange’s presence in the Spider Man the film likely means that he will be involved in another fight that will allow him to show off some of his visually stunning abilities. Even if he does not participate in No way home in a big way, the multiverse of madness will give him plenty of time to catch up. Between the presence of the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, the visuals are sure to be absolutely stunning.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits theaters on March 25, 2022.

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